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MSK's original cabaret soul project, Toot Sweet, melds French chanson with funky pop and psychedelic rock.  Upon its emergence in the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen DIY scene in 2014, Toot Sweet was donned Artist of the Month by NYC's The Deli Magazine and has since released three full-length albums and become the subject of her surrealistic musical comedy web series, Toot Sweet's Variety Show.  The 2019 album Disco Eclipse reflects Mary's experience as a musician jumping headfirst into a 9-month run on a Broadway show, sustaining an injury on the job and facing a paranoid convalescent comedown in the midst of a solar eclipse. Disco Eclipse articulates a turning point: from wanting something so badly you put your body and soul on the line, to becoming a sinking ship devoid of artistic aspirations.  Listen to the album below!  All albums available at

Ashley Solimon
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