In the fall of 2016, deep in rehearsals for The Great Comet, I started creating 1-minute music videos on my phone.  My quiet passion for video editing grew over the course of 2017 and that fall I created my first full-length music video.  In April 2018 I released the pilot episode for Toot Sweet's Variety Show, an absurd musical comedy web series about ?  These episodes are a true DIY labor of love - I create them with various director friends to learn!  Stayed tuned for episode 3 (whenever covid ends I guess), and check out some of my other video projects below!  

Toot Sweet's Variety Show, episodes 1 & 2:

My video reel 

More videos edited by me:

Live performances of original music:

Other concept music videos:

I'll even perform at your party!

From French chanson to German polka to classic party band, I love to do it all: