In the fall of 2016, deep in rehearsals for The Great Comet, I started creating 1-minute music videos on my phone.  My quiet passion for video editing grew over the course of 2017 and that fall I created my first full-length music video.  In April 2018 I released the pilot episode for Toot Sweet's Variety Show, an absurd musical comedy web series about my life as a musician in New York, from starting a band to inadvertently making it on Broadway.  These episodes are a true DIY labor of love - I create them with various director friends to learn!  Stayed tuned for episode 3, and check out some of my other video projects below!  More info on the web series at

Toot Sweet's Variety Show, episodes 1 & 2:

My video reel 

More videos edited by me:

Live performances of original music:

Other concept music videos:

I play private events!

From French chanson to German polka to classic party band, I love to do it all:

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